The player of “Karpaty” Kevin Mendez: In Ukraine without a physical endurance nowhere – news ZIK.UA

Гравець «Карпат» Кевін Мендес: В Україні без фізичної витривалості нікуди – новини ZIK.UA

Uruguayan winger Kevin Mendez continues the process of adaptation in Karpaty and the Ukrainian football. Definitely talented and promising player does not remain without attention of the media of his country. So, during the pause, the teams, Kevin talked to the portal Salimo.yu.

“In his 22 years, Mendes has come a long way. Shone in the youth team, moved to as Roma, is now trying to Express themselves in Ukrainian football” – write about the Carpathians Uruguayan media.

“I’m actually 11 years old has actually lived for himself when he played for Penarol. There were different periods, in particular, and depressed when I had no money to go to his hometown to visit relatives. And so it happened that for months I couldn’t leave Montevideo. I needed family support, someone to talk to, someone to listen to me. For what is a family? This is our spiritual Foundation. And I banal lacked maturity. For example, I dreamed to buy the most expensive car. But those days are in the past. I have learned to adapt in different countries. Now everything looks simpler and easier and soon I’ll become father.

My whole family supports Penarol – it is transmitted genetically. That is why I could never moved to the “Nacional” or another club. I managed to play for Penarol only once – that was a friendly match vs Olimpia from Paraguay. But in the world Cup U-20 was fun. Look at me came the scouts of Barcelona, Liverpool, Roma and Fiorentina. Nothing like I imagined. Then, almost all played in the youth teams for fun.

What I was missing at Roma? I would say that had some problems with the tactics. Well, there were some problems of a linguistic nature. There are certain words in Spanish and Italian language that sound the same, but the meaning is different! And my coach yells at practice one thing and I understand another. I then almost eaten alive. Then I was walking and asked what happened and why such a reaction. I remember that my compatriot Guillermo Giacomazzi, who spent many years in Italy, explained the reasons.

However, the rent was also not going smoothly. Always had to get used to something new. Best of all, perhaps, was in Switzerland when I played for “Lausanne”. Our coach was a Spaniard who loved to play hem. However, the fans there are cool, well, at least compared to what I was used to. We lost four times and… nothing happened.

Karpaty? To the city I could move to in January. I will say that the championship is pretty decent, the teams are equal, except for the two giants. Of course, before me there is a language barrier here is quite difficult to understand in Scripture. Perhaps that is why Ukrainians seem closed and silent. He Lviv – tourist town, here everything is at hand.

In Ukraine had to completely change my diet. Now sitting on a diet, not a gram of junk food. We are fined when there’s excess weight and measurements are carried out daily. However, I never gained pounds, not to eat. Remember, I was jealous of former partners who was the opposite (laughs).

We are making a serious emphasis on physical endurance – without it anywhere. As for the model of the game, our coach puts the ball control and steady his movement with the least amount of touches. We have to play the “good foot”.

My role in the team? Now I’m trying to take advantage of the chances that gives me, Jose Morais. He sees me on the flank attack. And, of course, I dream about the national team of Uruguay. Maybe not today, but the time I have” – quoted by Kevin Mendes the Information center of FC “Karpaty”.

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