The player of “Karpaty” Jorge Carrascal: “Karpaty” in my heart. So I decided to continue my career here – news ZIK.UA

Гравець «Карпат» Хорхе Карраскаль: «Карпати» в моєму серці. Тому вирішив продовжувати тут кар’єру – новини ZIK.UA

A year ago about a young guy from Colombia almost nobody in Ukraine knew. His arrival in “the Carpathians” (at least from the “Seville”), as well as the beginning of the championship, also not called. However, after a while, when Carrascal was the first adaptation period, and especially in the spring, it began to speak, as the rising star of European football.

In the offseason, Jorge Carrascal “matchmaker” in a dozen different clubs from different countries, but Karpaty succeeded and signed with the player a contract.

– First sparring of this off-season you did not participate. That FC Karpaty has tobolo?

– I felt some discomfort from a training injury, therefore, could not engage in the General group. Had to miss a few friendlies. Subsequently recovered and were able to work at all. In the match against the Polish team took the field and played at full strength.

– It seemed that you have not played for several years. Really felt such a hunger for football?

– Yes, it was a similar feeling. Really wanted to play, had a great desire. I generally like to play, I’m from this process have fun. I also like to surprise the audience and to give her some pleasant moments. And most importantly – I want to be useful for your team.

– Were you able to relax?

– Had a really nice time at home with his family. This is the best recreation that can be. My city is near the sea and on the coast have a house. There I spent almost all my time.

– Despite the interest from many clubs, you decided to stay in Carpathians…

– I will say this. The club I was accepted as a native. “Karpaty” became part of me, and I’ve become part of Karpaty. This club is in my heart. So I decided to continue my career. Karpaty to let me grow on a professional level. Well, among other things, I feel the love of people, our fans, and I like to give them joy.

– What purposes you put before yourself in the new League?

– If to speak individually, each player needs to perform at full strength at every training session, every match. The team has its goals and we should move to implement them. I believe that the “Karpaty” must show significantly better results than those that were in the last championship.

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