The Philippines has found a unique island with the twins

На Филиппинах обнаружили уникальный остров с близнецами

On the Philippine island of Alabat was discovered an abnormal number of twins. In General, the island is home to 78 dizygotic pairs, and 22 pairs of monozygotic twins.

This writes The Sun.

The youngest set of twins on the island four months are Jan and John, and the oldest 80 — year-old Eudocia and Anthonia.

Only for 2015 on the island was born 12 pairs of twins. Scientists can not yet explain the reasons for such high fertility.

On Alabama also has a pair of Siamese twin girls joined at the head, and surgeons refuse to perform the operation because they can not survive.

Local doctors explain the anomaly with the twins not genetics, and environmental differentiation. Currently, scientists are studying the drinking water of the island. In addition to this island in the world there is only one place where the twins even more is the village Kodinhi in India. There they counted as many as 350 pairs.

Earlier in India were born Siamese twins of unknown sex. They were joined in the abdomen and genitals. Local doctors after medical examination was unable to determine their gender. According to them, all will become clear only after the neonate is disconnected.

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