The party Congress of Merkel talking about Russia as about the problem – news ZIK.UA

З’їзд партії Меркель: про Росію говорять як про проблему – новини ZIK.UA

Sergey Taran

the analyst

Now in Hamburg, the Christian democratic Union (CDU) decides who will be the successor to Merkel – a party leader who will become one of the most influential politicians of the EU and, most likely, when he becomes Chancellor.

Therefore, the Congress – hundreds of invited politicians and experts from around the world and 1001 delegate with voting rights.

The key messages of the speakers:

  • maintaining economic growth is the main priority of the CDU;
  • illegal migration is a key challenge;
  • transatlantic cooperation with the United States is very important;
  • the party should use electronic technology in the party life…

And talking about Russia as a “problem”. Ukraine remembers little, but only in a positive context. Obviously don’t watch Ukrainian television.

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