“The opposition bloc” will convene the political Council for the evaluation of the Union Boyko and Lyovochkin with the party of Medvedchuk

"Оппоблок" созывает политсовет для оценки союза Бойко и Левочкина с партией Медведчука

The party “Opposition bloc” November 12, will hold a meeting of the political Council for the evaluation of the Union Yury Boyko and Sergey Levochkin with the party of Viktor Medvedchuk “For life”.

About it in the comments LB.ua said MP of the faction “the Opposition bloc” Vadim Novinsky, writes UNIAN.

“The signing of some agreements on creation “the Opposition platform” today in the Verkhovna Rada — this is a private initiative of Yury Boyko and Sergey Levochkin. On Monday we initiated a meeting of the political Council of the party “Opposition bloc” to discuss the situation,” he said.

Novinsky also stressed that “the opposition bloc” will require the Congress party.

“With the intention that ordinary members of the party could assess the situation and make decisions on this issue”, — he added. The MP said that it is still difficult to speak about possible solutions to the Congress and will raise the question about an exception of party of Boyko and Lyovochkin.

“Apparently, Mr. Boyko and Mr. Levochkin decided to join the party “For life” because they have such initiatives. Our party has always stood for the fact that we had a unified candidate of the progressive opposition forces, which is able to compete with the current government and not be a backup dancer Peter Poroshenko”, — he said.

Recall, November 9, a group of deputies from “Oppositional block” (so-called “wing Boyko-Levochkin”) decided to form an Alliance with the party “For life”, the actual leader is Pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk. In 2014, the “Opposition bloc” was created on the ruins of the POR as an artificial structure with the sole aim of passing to Parliament. The “opposition bloc”, which received 9,43%, there were two main shareholder groups Akhmetov and Firtash, all divided in the ratio 50: 50. The nominal co-chairs of the factions: Alexander Vilkul and Boyko. The first is “Akhmeta” wing, the second “portalesque”.

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