The nutritionist explained why it’s necessary to replace the usual sea salt

Диетолог рассказал, почему стоит заменить обычную соль морской

Even the most slender girls often complain that they can’t get rid of a small tummy. It turns out that the reasons for this lie in the wrong food habits.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

“If you weighing you have a full order, cause small tummy can be that the body retained fluid. Perhaps you eat too much salty and spicy write? Analyze your diet. To avoid puffiness, replace ordinary table sea salt that contains valuable minerals and will not cause swelling.

It is also worth remembering that spices like garlic and vinegar, some fatty sauces stimulate increased production of gastric juice and stomach seem more spacious,” said the nutritionist.

The expert also noted that fruit and vegetables– a mandatory component of the daily menu, but not on an empty stomach! Otherwise the bloating is guaranteed. Besides raw vegetables and fruits should be abandoned, if you have a scheduled party, you are going to wear a slinky dress or blouse. Besides cabbage, beans, peppers and citrus fruits occupy a lot of space in the stomach during digestion. Therefore it is better to give preference to baked, boiled and steamed vegetables, eat dried fruits or bake the apples, she said.

“Refrain from packaged juices, they can cause bloating. And refrain from alcoholic beverages – for the same reason,” – concluded the expert.

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