The new owner of “Golden ball”: what do we know about Luka Modric

Новый обладатель «Золотого мяча»: что мы знаем о Луке Модриче

Midfielder of real Madrid and Croatia’s Luka Modric was awarded the Golden Ball-2018.

About it reports “UKRINFORM”.

For the first time since 2007, the best player in the world and the owner of “Golden ball” was not Messi or Ronaldo. We offer you a selection of interesting facts about Luka Modric.

Modrić was born in September 1985 in the family of aviation mechanics Stipe and his wife for your daughter’s. Growing the future national team of Croatia in the tiny village of Zaton Obrovsky, whose population barely exceeds one hundred people.

When Luke was five years old, Croatia started the war for independence, which seriously affected his family. Father Luke took in the Croatian army, but, fortunately, he survived. And his grandfather, also Luka, executed by Serb soldiers.

The family of Modric left the backwater and moved to the city of Zadar, where they huddled in one room of the old hotel. Luca told me that in those years he had no idea that the country is war – my parents didn’t want to scare my son.

Father Luke would send half of his salary – on training at the sports Academy of Zadar. The talent of Modric noticed in early childhood, what he was talking about his first coach Tomislav bašić. He made the boy the first flaps of wood.

Modric never been tall, but he was always prompt and precise. All youth teams of Onion was very low, which scared off potential buyers. For example, Hajduk refused to Modric because of the physical indicators bows.

However, a weak Bow is not only managed to survive in the “Zrinjski”, but also became the best player of the championship of Bosnia in 2003. “Everyone who is able to play in the championship Bosnia can play anywhere,” admitted subsequently Modric.

In the same 2003, 17-year-old Modric has signed a contract with Dinamo Zagreb. An unremarkable fact, if you do not take into account the term of the agreement is ten years! “At first I was confused by this offer, but after talking with his family and agent, I need to sign,” recalls Modric.

Modric won in the “Dynamo” the championship of Croatia and joined in 2008 from Tottenham. Time in London Horvath recalls fondly: “Tottenham” was the first international club in my career: I spent four wonderful years, the fans have always supported me about the club I have very good memories.”

Since July 2012 a real Madrid player Madrid “real”. There is, in fact, he became a superstar. “For the “real” you have to play at a high level in every match – if you don’t, you shouldn’t be here,” Luke says.

Interestingly, a great admirer of the talent of Modric was a legendary Dutch striker Johan Cruyff. By the way, religious person “Barcelona”. Cruyff called him a “highly skilled player who needs freedom”. No wonder Luke throughout his career compared to the great Dutchman, nickname of real Madrid – “the Croatian Cruyff”. In this case, the Modric childhood idol calls of Zvonimir Boban.

In 2010, modrić after four years of business and romantic relationships married his agent Ivan bosnic. I wonder what Joe is five years older than her husband. Now the couple has three children – a boy Ivano and the two girls Emma and Sofia.

Luke, in contrast to the majority of players do not like noise, parties and social events. He prefers staying with family. “You’ll never see Modric in a nightclub. But in the zoo – easily,” writes about this edition of Marca.

Modric admits everything he got in life, all thanks to football: “Football is the passion and happiness is what I feel when we win. Victory means that we did a good job. I have not yet thought what he would do after his retirement, until then there is still time. But I would like to stay in football”.

Earlier, French magazine France Football named the second top five nominees for the title of best player in 2018 in Europe.

In the list was the forward of “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo, midfielder Manchester city Kevin de bruyne, Chelsea Robert Firmin, the defender “Atletico” Diego Godin and goalkeeper of real Madrid Thibaut Courtois.

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