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The published in his Twitter journalist of the Kremlin pool Dmitry Smirnov. The photo was taken during the celebration of the 85th anniversary of people’s artist of USSR, theater and film Director, actor of Mark Zakharov.

The picture shows the legend of the Soviet cinema with a glass of champagne is next to the Russian President, reports Politico.

У мережі висміяли почесного любителя Путіна, – фото – новини ZIK.UA

This photo reminds Internet users about the famous movie “Kill the dragon”, a film which was made by Zakharov. This film is about the overthrow of a brutal dictator of the Dragon, which for centuries reigned in the same city.

“It happens, dragon congratulated the Director of the film “Kill the dragon”, mentioned in the review about the famous painting Zakharova. “And you suffer? – We used to. – Dragon can be used?”, users drew an analogy between the movie Zakharova and the current Putin regime in Russia.

У мережі висміяли почесного любителя Путіна, – фото – новини ZIK.UA

Zakharov has long been known for his sympathy for Putin. Before he even played a confidant of the party “United Russia”.

Before in Russia have noticed the signals that symbolize the resignation of President Vladimir Putin. This was announced by the writer and publicist Dmitry Bykov.

“Some have asked, why he says it, clearly substituting for ridicule? Answer: sends two signals. People that the Prime Minister understands, the authorities that will not change. To send these signals is necessary in order to preserve the opportunity to succeed. And the chances Medvedev has – precisely because it sounds very ridiculous,” he said.

At the same time, the Bulls said, what the script considers to be “funnier”.

“Even funnier if his own successor in 78 years will be Putin, but it is unlikely,” – he stressed.

Moreover, the writer claimed that the scenario with the successor for election in 2024 is the most “soft” for Russia.

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