The network has ridiculed Popov choir of the Moscow news ZIK.UA

The network is gaining popularity video, which the Seminary choir of the Russian Orthodox Church performs a song about the struggle with the heresy to the tune of Stalin’s March.

The corresponding video was published on the Twitter page “the Team of ZinaPortnova”.

У мережі висміяли хор московських попів – новини ZIK.UA

“The contest of Amateur art in our mental hospital,” – says the record is the author of the post.

Many users joking about the song the Church choir under garmon, however, some also indicate that the motive of the composition is taken from a popular Soviet song “March of the gunners,” written in 1943, also known as “Stalin gave the order.” In the “March of the seminarians,” these words are replaced with “the Lord gave the order”.

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