The network blasted the APE with a fondness for beer (VIDEO)

Сеть взорвала обезьяна, обожающая пиво (ВИДЕО)

This animal of Sikkim (India) was shot on video in the moment when it enjoyed the beer, calmly drinking it from the bottle.

It is reported

Although the scene looks funny, there is no doubt that this drink is not useful for the monkeys – and we can only hope that drunkenness will be held for her without consequences.

It is known that tourists often leave behind uneaten food and unfinished drinks in cans and bottles – this is how to harmful products get monkeys. Local residents have repeatedly appealed to the authorities that they have taken action and told to the tourists thought about the inadmissibility of such behavior.

Сеть взорвала обезьяна, обожающая пиво (ВИДЕО)We will remind, in India a monkey took hostage a young child. Aggressive animal hard squeezed the child’s hind legs, the front and fought with everyone who tried to approach. The monkey tried to appease food, but she attacked people, biting, pulling at clothes.

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