The national team of Ukraine on basketball, in Kiev, defeated the Spaniards in the qualification for the world Cup-2019 – news ZIK.UA

Збірна України з баскетболу у Києві обіграла іспанців у відборі на ЧС-2019 – новини ZIK.UA

The match Ukraine – Spain, on Friday, 14 September, the second stage of world Cup qualifying-2019 basketball. Match “blue-yellow”, who took the second number of a world rating of the Spaniards in the Kyiv sports Palace, ended in a sensational victory for the Ukrainians.

Basketball. Men. World Cup-2019. Classification. The second stage

The match of group “I”

Ukraine – Spain– 76:65 (19:12, 17:22, 20:17, 20:14)

September 14. Beginning at 19:00. Kiev. Sports Palace

Ukraine: Lazy – 8 points, Mikhailyuk – 22, Konev – 1, Lukashov – 11, birds – 3, herun summarizes – 6, Jeter – 6, beavers 3, Kobets, Kravtsov – 13.

Spain: Fernandez – 3, Aguilar – 6, Circle – 15, Pauli – 11, SAIs – 4, Baron, Guyot – 5, Oriola – 4, Rodriguez 12, Yusta 3.

Збірна України з баскетболу у Києві обіграла іспанців у відборі на ЧС-2019 – новини ZIK.UA

Realizing the importance of the task, the national team of Ukraine began immediately with trumps Both our NBA Alexei Laziness and Sviatoslav mykhailiuk started with “start”. The hosts tried to act as concentrated as possible. And as noted before, the Spanish coach Sergio Scariolo, the guests were ready to attempts of the opponent to immediately seize the advantage. The same psychologically important starting spurt Ukrainians failed to hold. However, the Spaniards are unable to roam under someone else’s cart, as if I wanted to. The first guests have already broke through the opposition’s defence in the match, nearly fifteen minutes after the start. Lukashov responded with a precise triple, ending the advantage of the Spaniards the lead in the first quarter. Despite a noticeable lack of the penalty, the Ukrainians until the end of the quarter forced the Spaniards to catch up. The first 10 minutes our eventually won in 7 points.

At the beginning of the second quarter, our guys increased the advantage to 11 points. This difference persisted for the greater part of the quarter. However two three-pointers opponent influenced the course of events. The big break the team went with dvorackova advantages of the Ukrainian team.

The psychologically important third quarter did not bring significant change in the course of the struggle. In her early guests triple Pauli took the lead with a minimal advantage. However hares catch the Mikhaylyuk gave us back the lead. The Spaniards again came back and took the lead. The team almost to the end went smoothly. Only in the last seconds we got five points advantage before the decisive fourth 10-minute.

In the final quarter of Ukrainians continued to go forward forcing the opponents to catch up. Our few minutes holding a five point advantage. A well-aimed three-pointer by Mikhaylyuk so increased Rodriguez immediately responded symmetrically. However, our guys in the future as focused going forward. Lukashova a three-pointer, followed by Kravtsov dunk increased our advantage to 10 points with 2:36 to the end of normal playing time.

Despite attempts to escape and Pauli three-pointer, our guys are not released. Finally, it is understood that, probably, with a spectacular long-range hit Mikhaylyuk 45 seconds before the siren. Ukrainian rookie, the Lakers became the most productive in our team with 22 points, of which converted 5 of 9 three-pointers.

In the end, the team beat Ukraine in Kiev threatening Spain with an advantage of 11 points. Next in line is Chernogoria – Monday, September 17, at the check-out.

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