The mother of four children did not notice the stranger behind you (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Мать четырех детей не заметила пришельца у себя за спиной (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Communicating via video chat with his girlfriend, 47-year-old mother of four children and did not notice that behind her back all this time is a strange creature. But it said her friend and asked if in the house someone else.

“No, there’s no one here, I’m alone,” replied the frightened woman, still not knowing what was happening. Strange video (see below) recently appeared on the Internet channel of the international news Agency Caters.

It is reported that it was filmed on 30 November 2018 the resident of the town of Yakima, Washington. Laurie Simmons talked with his girlfriend Shana Thomas through the app Marco Polo, which allows you to send people a video in real time.

The woman quietly chatted with a friend about different things, being in the living room, and behind her from time to time you could see a strange silhouette, like on a small grey man with a large head. First, it could be assumed that this was some kind of doll or figurine, but this thing was moving (!), appearing then on the right side of Laurie Simmons, on the left, near the doorway.

The fact that the figure seems alive and moving, I noticed during the conversation and Shana Thomas and asked Lori whether it’s someone else. Received a negative answer. When Laurie herself has seen this video, her heart in her words, “just stopped.” The woman was scared and shocked.

“I just recently moved into this apartment and was there alone when just decided to talk to her friend. And during this conversation I never saw or felt anything unusual,” says Laurie Simmons, “We were chatting as usual and suddenly my friend’s face became very serious, she was scared of something and asked one if I’m in the house. I live alone (children already grown) and after her question I immediately looked around. Nobody was there and it really scared me, because Shana saw something.”

A friend of Laurie’s even more scared when Laurie told her that nothing strange not to see and asked her to watch their video. She also said that judging by the video, someone stood behind Lori, like pursuing her.

“I watched this video and my heart jumped up and almost stopped. I couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was so scary! I immediately ran back down my spine and I shivered. In my life there were many paranormal stories, but a horror I don’t remember!” Laurie Simmons so scared that immediately left my apartment and went to sleep to daughter. And the next day she called the psychic and asked him to clean her house.

Мать четырех детей не заметила пришельца у себя за спиной (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Later, Laurie learned the history of this house. It was built in 1935 and located in the oldest part of the city close to the hospital from the early 1800’s and nursing homes. Now Laurie thinks that it was probably the Ghost of a teenager or child, but maybe it was an alien. And after all these years she decided to return to this apartment and leave it.

“I first showed this video to my colleagues and some even cried from fear. Most of them are sure that it’s an alien. I definitely believe in aliens, so it’s definitely possible.” According to Shana Thomas, when she first noticed the back of a friend a strange man, she decided that Laurie is staying with some kid.

“This thing constantly jumped out from behind her shoulder during a conversation. Sometimes the impression that he is watching us. Ever since I watched this video a thousand times, and I still have him chills down your spine. I think it’s probably the Ghost of a child and can’t stop thinking about it.”

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