The medic told about the dangers of aspirin in the treatment of influenza

Медик рассказал об опасностях аспирина при лечении гриппа

Experts insist that in the first days of the disease in any case can not bring the temperature down, and the unauthorized taking aspirin may provoke internal bleeding.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

According to doctors, even with a severe course of influenza and ARVI Ukrainians do not go to doctors and pay them a visit often just to get “sick”. In this unauthorized treatment of seasonal ailments may provoke serious consequences and then really need medical treatment, only longer and more severe.

“A very serious mistake patients is a habit to immediately bring the temperature down at the first sign of the disease. But the coldness is a defense mechanism and a sign that the body is fighting off bad bacteria. Knocking it, you thereby weaken this protection and viruses are easier to penetrate in all body systems. The temperature should be down only if it is exceeded , is 38.5. Otherwise, in the first three days of illness to fight the fever with medicines it is better to drink warm tea with raspberry, sea buckthorn, lemon, ginger.

If the fever subsides after 3-4 days of illness, you must immediately call the doctor” – the expert recommends.

The doctor also warns against formed in childhood the habit of drinking a aspirin at the first sign of the disease. First, this medication cannot be taken on an empty stomach, and at the temperature and ailments is not enough who normally eats. You should know that modern strains of the virus can cause internal bleeding, and aspirin them very helpful, as it weakens the walls of blood vessels.

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