The match of the Europa League thrown from the rostrum of the beer broke the judge’s head (PHOTO, VIDEO)

На матче Лиги Европы брошенный из трибуны бокал пива разбили голову судье (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Scandalous incident occurred during a match of the third qualifying round of the Europa League between Austrian “Storm” and the Cyprus AEK (0:2).

About this report the Facts.

So, on 78 minutes the game was suspended due to the fact that the assistant referee, the Swiss Fredrik Kluwer, smashed his head thrown from the stands filled with a plastic beer glass. After the meeting with the UEFA delegate of the match after almost 40 minutes they were continued (obligations Kluver played the fourth referee). The linesman, meanwhile, was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The press service of “Assault” called the unacceptable behavior of fans, noting that it has damaged the reputation of the club. Also the team from Graz announced the arrest of the perpetrator. The decision on what sanctions will be taken against the fan, is still pending.

“Such behavior of the fans in the Europa League is unacceptable. It damages the reputation of our club and football in General. Football should remain a holiday whose main goal is bright and beautiful game. We’re sorry that we have disappointed many fans.

Throwing the glass at the referee detained. Possible options for punishment are studied. Our club wishes linkmenu all the best and a speedy recovery,” — said in a statement the Austrian club.

In the end, AEK won “the Assault” — 2:0, both goals were scored before the incident. UEFA has not commented this episode, but obviously there will be opened a disciplinary case. The regulation says that clubs are responsible for behavior of their fans, even if they manage to prove the absence of negligence in the organization of the match. “Storm” now face punishment from a fine to exclusion from European competitions.

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