The losers in the elections of 2019 will begin to withdraw money from the country – expert

Проигравшие на выборах-2019 начнут выводить деньги из страны - эксперт

Built into the project budget rate of 29,4 USD per dollar is overly optimistic, since we have two catastrophic events in 2019 presidential elections and elections to the Rada.

Such opinion during the press-conference in information Agency “ГолосUA” said the expert on political and economic Affairs Vsevolod Stepanyuk.

The draft budget for 2019 is a carbon copy of the budget for the year 2018, the document for the next year just “tweak” the numbers which this formal budget to please the IMF, said the expert.

V. Stepaniuc added that the budget was submitted early, because the IMF requires early adoption of the budget and balance of indicators is one of the requirements. Supposedly balanced the numbers for the IMF – taken from the ceiling, they do not correspond to realities of the Ukrainian and world economy. And projected GDP growth, and it seems to be a balanced income and expenditure – all these figures are artificial. Surprisingly, no one in the Cabinet knows what is economic forecasting. Lay the inflation of 7.4% is complete nonsense. This anti-social budget, aimed at the development of the power structures only. This shows that Ukraine has built a police state.

“The estimated rate of 29.4 UAH per dollar by year – it’s probably full of bias, because we have two catastrophic events in 2019 presidential elections and elections to the Rada. It is possible to predict that the loser of panic begin to withdraw money out of the country”, – said the expert.

V. Stepaniuc also said that the draft budget for 2019 envisaged economic growth of 3%, and this figure is lower than it will be to grow the global economy. We degraded the country, as the world grows faster. The pace can afford to grow the developed economies – Germany, Switzerland, etc. Indicator 3% growth of Ukraine’s economy in 2019 show the utter helplessness of the government in running the country. The government only controls the budget, and the country, it does not run, said the economist.

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