The land received from the telescope a photograph of the 12 constellations (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Земля получила от телескопа фотоснимок 12 созвездий (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Telescope-“hunter of exoplanets” TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) is transmitted to Earth the first scientific picture of the patch of sky in the southern hemisphere. The photo shows the stars of the twelve constellations, galaxies, satellites of the milky Way and globular clusters.

This was reported on the website NASA.

The photo turned out to be Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. They are coming to us irregular galaxies that are satellites of the milky Way. Also, using all four cameras, telescope TESS recorded the areas of the twelve constellations from Capricorn to the Painter.

Above the Small Magellanic Cloud noticeably great globular star cluster 47 Tucanae, and the brightest stars in the picture this is a Beta R Crane and Golden Fish, the signals which create the effect of Blooming (blurring) on the frame.

Space telescope TESS positioned as a replacement of the Keppler telescope which has almost worn out. The main objectives of the telescope bright stars and their systems that are remote from the Earth at a distance of from 30 to 300 light-years. Once in 27 days, the telescope will change the surveillance area and two main mission will create a map which will cover 85 percent of the celestial sphere.

In early 2019, the European space Agency plans to launch another “hunter of exoplanets” – the CHEOPS telescope, designed to search for and study of the already opened, including with the help of TESS, exoplanets. Not so long ago, its developers have announced the completion of the telescope.

Recall that in March, Elon Musk announced the first test ship for flight to Mars. “We are building the first Martian or a space ship. I think he will be able to make short flights in the first half of next year,” said Elon Musk. At the same time, he noted that sometimes his plans and expectations a bit too high. Telescope, TESS will have to explore space to search for exoplanets.

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