The Kharkiv region was hit by a wave of flu, the expense of cases in the thousands

Харьковщину накрыло волной гриппа, счет заболевших идет на тысячи

In the Kharkiv region from 19 to 25 November by 50.8% increase in the number of cases of influenza.

This is reported

In the Kharkiv regional laboratory center reported that since the beginning of the epidemic season of influenza and SARS ill 45492 person. The hospital was 261 people, of whom 163 (62.5%) — with children.

In two districts — Volchansky and Velikoburluksky — three times exceeded the level of an epidemic threshold (21%). In this regard, from November 20 in four educational institutions suspended classes: KU “volchanskiy Lyceum №1” of Volchansky district Council, KU “Varvarovsky Lyceum” Volchansky district Council, Bugaevskoy school of I-III stages of Volchansky district Council, Volchanskiy school of I-III stages No. 3 of Volchansky district Council. The percentage of absent students has built there is more than 20 %. Vgorode as explained in the press service of the RSA, from November 27 to quarantine leave students Ploschanskogo Lyceum velikoburluksky district Council of Kharkiv region.

A similar situation in Kharkov. Ill 5787 people. Compared to the previous week increased the incidence of 56.2%, including among children — 53.3%. At the same time, in excess of the rate of an epidemic threshold is not marked.

“Intensification of the epidemic process confirmed the circulation of influenza A virus which can lead to complication of the epidemiological situation and the growing number of cases, and is now registered in organized groups, — tell in labtsentr. A joint circulation of influenza A viruses, viruses of the respiratory groups and a further increase in the rate of growth of the incidence of giving solid grounds to forecast further growth in the number of patients and the epidemic spread of influenza virus in the region”.

As of November 26, have been vaccinated against flu 6765.

Experts remind about the priority measures for prevention of influenza: vaccination, good personal hygiene, restriction of stay in places of a congestion of people, the correct alternation of work and rest, proper clothing and nutrition.

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