The IMF’s forecast for the hryvnia exchange rate for 2019 is too optimistic – expert

Прогноз МВФ по курсу гривны на 2019 год является слишком оптимистичным – эксперт

The forecast of the International monetary Fund (IMF) at the rate of hryvnia for 2019 is too optimistic.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Kirill Molchanov.

“The IMF estimates average annual exchange rate of hryvnia to the dollar in 2018 and 2019 are too optimistic. They will undergo changes, as Ukraine does not fulfill the conditions she put forward international monetary Fund. In particular, it concerns the state budget for 2019,” said K. Molchanov.

He said that Ukraine for the implementation of the new loan program Stand-by will perform its obligations only partially.

“The government will not fulfill promised obligations and will only feed Breakfast. In the best case, we get only one tranche in the amount of one billion dollars”,- concluded K. Molchanov.

We will remind, the international monetary Fund (IMF) in his calculations assumes that the average annual exchange rate of hryvnia to the dollar will be in 2018 – for 27, 07 UAH/USD, in 2019 – 28,66 UAH/USD in 2020 – 29,92 UAH/USD. In turn, the government intends before the end of October to sign an agreement with the IMF about a new loan program Stand-by.

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