The health Ministry clarified the list of cases where you can call the team “ambulance”

В Минздраве уточнили перечень случаев, когда можно вызывать бригаду «скорой помощи»

Will the list of cases that have to go to the emergency medical team, and what refinements were included in the new edition of the Rules of the challenge teams.

This was told in the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

Today, the list of cases that have to go to the brigade of emergency medical aid, established by Order of Ministry of health from 01.06.2009, № 370. A new edition of the Rules call emergency medical teams, in which experts of the Ministry of health have detailed the list of emergency cases, is under public discussion until 31 August 2018.

So, the list of cases when to call an ambulance, like this:

— loss of consciousness;

— convulsions;

— sudden respiratory distress;

— sudden chest pain;

— sharp pain in the abdomen and lumbar;

— headache accompanied by dizziness or nausea;

— slurring of speech, weakness in the limbs, sudden arising;

— Hypo – and hyperglycemic coma;

— HyperTerminal syndrome;

— external bleeding, vomiting blood;

— signs of acute poisoning;

— violation of the pregnancy (premature birth, bleeding, etc.);

anaphylactic reaction, caused by various factors, including insect bites;

— snake bites;

— animal bites;

— all types of injuries (wounds, fractures, burns, severe injuries, head injury, etc.);

— cases related to emergency dentistry;

— accidents, including due to smoke, fire and flames, electric current, lightning, associated with vehicles;

— heat stroke, hypothermia;

— all kinds of asphyxia (drowning, ingestion of foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, suffocation);

— the consequences of a criminal attack;

— emergency situations of technogenic and natural character;

— severe mental disorder (behavior that is dangerous to the life of the patient and/or others);

— other conditions that threaten the life and health of person;

— implementation of the interhospital transport of patients requiring medical escort.

New edition of the Rules call emergency crews (emergency) medical care is under public discussion in August 31, 2018. Experts of the MOH detailed list of emergency cases that will be the first step to the introduction of new protocols call processing controllers. In particular:

1 Detailed the concept of hyperthermic syndrome is a condition when the body temperature is 39 0C and higher and no effect from taking fever-reducing medicines;

2 found that the emergency team needs to leave the call-to-child up to 2 years, if parents assume that the child needs extra help.

3 Added to the list of emergency cases, the signs of internal bleeding.

4 Indicated that the team should not go for dental care.

5 Detailed that the emergency cases are significant external hemorrhage, and trauma – in case of threat to life.

6 found that the brigade of emergency medical aid should not go for ascertaining the fact of death.

The rest of the list of emergency cases will remain unchanged.

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