The growth rates by 50%: Patient Ukrainians have to learn from the strong French – expert

Рост тарифов на 50%: Терпеливым украинцам надо учиться  у решительных французов - эксперт

The movement of the “yellow jackets” in France forced the government to cancel the increase in prices for energy and food. Ukrainians after a fifty percent tariff growth should learn from the French.

Such opinion in a course a press-conferences in news ГолосUA was expressed by the expert of social Affairs Andrey Pavlovsky.

“On November 1, the government increased the price of natural gas for the population is 23.5%, which amounted to 8550 UAH per thousand cubic meters. This proportionally increases in utility tariffs. Utility rates rise by no less than 20%,” – said A. Pavlovsky.

The expert added: “We’ll see what new year’s surprise we have prepared the government Groisman. In the payment to come before December 20, we will see this rate increase. In some cities of Ukraine the rates were increased by 50-60%”.

According to the sociologist, the government reduced the amount of money for subsidies – with 71 billion this year to 58 billion in 2019-th, the subsidy has decreased significantly. Resolution No. 320 the government greatly complicated and made more stringent procedure for granting subsidies. Beat the new rules for subsidies in the first place for the families of migrant workers and unemployed families.

“Mr. Groysman said that, according to his estimates, recipients of the subsidies in 2019 will be more – 7 million households. That is, the number of people-the recipients of subsidies increases, while the amount of money in the budget is reduced, this is nonsense,” – said A. Pavlovsky.

The expert recalled that at the beginning of 2014 1000 cubic gas cost 730 UAH, and today – 8550 UAH per cubic meter of gas, this increase is more than 11 times.

“I’m surprised the patience of our citizens, which significantly increase the tariffs for communal services! Ukrainians have to learn from the French. The movement of the “yellow jackets” has forced the government of the Macron to back out – now the price of gas and electricity, and for food to increase in the Fifth Republic will not be” – summed A. Pavlovsky.

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