The government does not create conditions for the foreign investor came to Ukraine – expert

Власть не создает условий для того, чтобы иностранный инвестор заходил в Украину – эксперт

The Ukrainian government in 4 years have not created the conditions that entered Ukraine by a foreign investor.

This was during a press conference in the news Agency, ГолосUA said an expert on economic and political issues Andrey Wigierski.

The expert stressed that in many respects the pace of economic growth in the country depend on the policy of the authorities in this matter.

“The driver of growth of the economy can be both foreign investment and domestic investment. The fact is that if you look at the side of the state, it does not create conditions for the investor from outside came to us, and we see it in the last 4 years”, – said A. Wigierski.

The expert also stressed that the IMF report to consider the structure of the shadow economy. According to the International monetary Fund, the sector accounts for 42.9% of the domestic economy. Accordingly, if you take the incomes of Ukrainians from the shadows, the IMF statistics for the GDP per capita Ukraine ranked to a higher place. However, not all Ukrainian citizens want to pay more taxes.

As for GDP and IMF forecasts, it is difficult to predict as it may even things out a budget of how much better figure salaries, etc.

“The policy, and this budget, as he had not called, is not a development budget, because even the expense of the development in 2019, without taking into account the growing road Fund, it is reduced in comparison with the previous year. Increased subsidy from the state Fund for compensation of deficit of the pension Fund, although Groisman promised that the deficit will not increase by more than 144 billion over the next 4 years. And the text of the budget of 2019, you need to analyze when it will manifest, because even before the second reading, taking into account all tables of amendments, in the absence of all documents, which determine the taxation for the current year, as we can not speak”, – summed A. Wigierski.

We will remind, the Ukrainian GDP per capita is the lowest in Europe, says the report of the IMF. Thus, Moldova, which has traditionally been considered the most backward, reached last year a value of $2694,4 per capita, while Ukraine – only $2656. A small gap is provided 134th in the world and the worst among the European States. And this year, according to the forecast Fund, the gap will increase.

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