The girl slept for two years and woke up weighing more than a hundredweight

Девушка проспала два года и очнулась с весом больше центнера

A resident of the UK Mise Coakley (Coakley Misé) described as “thick woke up” after almost two years of severe illness, during which she slept for 22 hours a day.

This publication reports The Mirror.

The Briton explained that the problems began after the death of her father in a plane crash in 2009. The woman plunged into work in a bar and forgotten about own health. Then Coakley in the hope to forget got a job on a ship and spent all his time under the scorching sun.

In November 2010, the woman fell ill from three dangerous diseases: meningitis, measles and infectious mononucleosis. She is so very weak that could not walk and was crawling around the house. At Coakley did not have the strength to cook healthy food, so she ate chips, chocolate and drinking protein diet shakes. Home transferred her from the sofa to bed and back. During this time she has recovered from 42 to 56 and gained 50 pounds.

“I’m not drinking thousands of calories a day. I just most of the time was unconscious, I only had to move a little, as I fell asleep from exhaustion. I was eating junk food and not wasting energy. I had no strength even to eat porridge or soup, I fell asleep several times in the process. Therefore I eat,” explained the Briton.

In 2016, she went to the wedding to relatives and realized that she was in serious trouble because she had to wear under the dress Cycling shorts due to the strong friction of the feet against each other. After that, the woman weighing 117,4 pounds start to lose weight with the help of professional nutritionists. Now she weighs 66.7 kg, and she helps those suffering from obesity people.

We will remind, the member of the British TV show X Factor Scarlett Li (Scarlett Lee) threatened on social networks.

According to 20-year-old Li, many users of social networks have repeatedly called her fat and threatened to kill her due to the extra weight.

“I was threatened with murder. People said that my mother should never have to give me life. They said that I’m fat,” — said the singer.

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