The former speaker of the Parliament about the situation of “NewsOne” and “112 Ukraine”, the EU started to be indignant in connection with “sweep” of the information field

Экс-спикер ВР о ситуации с «NewsOne» и «112 Украина»: в ЕС не начали возмущаться в связи с «зачисткой» информационного поля

European officials are somehow not outraged at the fact that before the election the government “cleans” the information field.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, ex-speaker of BP Vladimir Litvin.

“More bad decisions to come up with was impossible. It seems to me that this is evidence that Ukraine is moving in the opposite direction from the EU. But, unfortunately, I have to say, I did not hear the voices of indignation from European officials. One can only imagine that if it would be that the previous regime did, what would have been the reaction from European structures. Today I think they are forced to endure the antics of the Ukrainian authorities given the fact that today Ukraine is a tool to deter Russia. This only I can explain,” said the ex-speaker of the Parliament.

According to V. Lytvyn, as for the fact that after the data channels of sanctions will begin to be introduced to other media, i.e., known truth: “first, they came for one neighbor, then the second, then me and then there was no one even to say a word about it.

“You understand that journalists are people who I think barely feel the problems and will talk about them. And it would relate to power and will be a lot of unhappy. With regard to the fact that this is done before the election, it is 100%. The process of Stripping the information field. If a TV channel or some other media could not tame, his “need” to destroy and in parallel, work to establish its information capabilities or their strengthening, as the many examples we can well see that the problem of rating, visibility, and therefore electoral support solve media,” he said.

Recall that the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy this week to sign the resolution on sanctions against the TV channel “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne. This paruby said during a meeting of the conciliatory Council of the Verkhovna Rada, answering a question about unlocking the signing of the resolution on sanctions against television channels.

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