The former son-in-law of Vladimir Putin has found a new love: everything about Kirill Shamalov’s bride

The former son-in-law of Vladimir Putin has found a new love: everything about Kirill Shamalov's bride
The former son-in-law of Vladimir Putin has found a new love: everything about Kirill Shamalov’s bride
At the end of January, the news appeared unexpectedly in the media – as Bloomberg reported, Russian President’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova divorced from businessman Kirill Shamalov after five years of marriage. On the same day, Telegram-channel “Open Media” reported that Shamalov had already found a new love in the person of Zhanna Volkova. And one of these days the source SPLETNIK.RU from a circle of the businessman has let out about the coming wedding of pair. Is this not an excuse to find out about the new chosen one of the former son-in-law of Vladimir Putin a little more ?!


Zhanna Volkova – a name we are familiar with. Eight years ago, she continually appeared in the secular chronicle, in particular, on the pages of SPLETNIK.RU.

Volkova, as a rule, appeared in the company of her twin sister Diana Dementieva. They often played stories, which were then talked about on the sidelines, and in the press. For example, Jeanne and Diana appeared at receptions in identical outfits, justifying the choice of karmic communication. And once they even fainted, being at this moment in different places.

Married life

In 2004, Jeanne married an ex-official of the Moscow mayor’s office, Sergei Volkov, who, under Vladimir Resin, oversaw the financial policy at the capital’s construction complex. Tall, beautiful, sporty, stylish … In a word, an excellent party.

The wedding was played luxuriously: the celebration was held at the restaurant “Noble Nest”, the bride was wearing a dress from Vivienne Westwood, the groom was wearing a suit from the Givenchy house, which at that time was headed by Volkov’s friend – designer Oswald Boateng.

Later, by the way, an article appeared on the pages of Vogue magazine, which included photos from the newlyweds’ home – in one of the rooms they installed glass showcases where they placed their wedding dresses. They say that this material aroused discontent of Sergei’s boss.

Problems in relations between the spouses began with Volkov’s troubles at work. In 2007, he combined the positions of the first deputy head of the department of investment programs for the construction of the Moscow government (DIPS) and deputy chairman of the interdepartmental commission for the implementation of a residential area built by order of the city. And just in that year Volkov was accused of a fraud with an apartment.

The living space was supposed to be, as reported by the media, to get to the famous tennis player Svetlana Parkhomenko, but for some reason the official’s mother-in-law got it. The sportswoman was married to an adviser to the presidential envoy to the Central Federal District, Alexander Parkhomenko … As a result, the case was opened under two articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which threatens ten years of imprisonment.

Now, in that apartment on Ostozhenka, the General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow Anatoly Yakunin, or rather his daughter, lives. Volkov was justified, dismissed and lived until recently with his wife and son in Monaco.

Life after and an affair with Shamalov

After the divorce, Sergei returned to Moscow, and Jeanne and her sister went to conquer Britain, where their lives played with new colors.

Zhanna Volkova

About acquaintance of Zhanna Volkova and Kirill Shamalov not so much is known. However, while the news did not appear in the media about the divorce of the businessman with Putin’s daughter, both Zhanna and Kirill published joint photos on Facebook, not hiding tender feelings towards each other.

In 2017, on the page of Shamalov, even a frame with Zhanna appeared, which he shortly signed:

Love you.

After the journalists managed to “expose” Shamalov’s new lady, all the pictures of the couple from the social network were lost.

According to some publications referring to sources from Shamalov’s entourage, the businessman already practically persuaded Zhanna to return to Moscow for permanent residence and the wedding is not far off. So the source SPLETNIK.RU confirms these words.

True, there is one thing: the other day it became known that the secular lioness was refused a visa! The reasons are not specified, but is it a coincidence that a new girl of Putin’s former son-in-law does not want to see in Russia? ..

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