The fattest child in the world dropped 100 pounds

Самый толстый ребенок в мире сбросил 100 килограммов

14-year-old resident of the Indian city of Delhi Mihir railway dropped a hundred pounds and for the first time was able to go to the movies. Although the size of the boy would not let him fit in the chair.

This publication reports the Daily Mail. The maximum weight of Jain, called the most difficult child in the world, was 237 pounds.

In April 2018, he underwent surgery for gastric bypass surgery, then switched to a healthy lifestyle. Teen diet and regularly doing exercises. After, in summer, Jain for the first time in many years, himself had managed to walk down the street. Now he first time visited the theater.

“I feel very good. Can’t believe I’ve lost so much weight. It was difficult, but worth it” — confessed railway. He’s going to “lose weight to normal size, to do more normal things.”

At eight years Jail weighed 80 kilograms. Although his parents took him to doctors in five years. They confirmed that the boy, who adored fried food and soda, the obesity, but refused to perform surgery because of the young age of the patient. He was prescribed pills for weight loss, and the mother thinks it is because of them the boy became lethargic and ceased to move. Although he recognizes that fed him fatty food like fried potatoes and meatballs, vegetables, vegetable curry and ice cream. Over time, the teenager was homeschooled and I lost all my friends.

In December of 2017 parents took Jayla to the doctor. He told them that the teenager was the most difficult in the world among peers. The boy was sent to the surgical reduction of the stomach, before it is alone lost up to 197 pounds.

Previously we had conquered the fat cat, which turned out to be a athlete.

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