The father saw something on the screen of the camera and screams of terror rushed to the nursery (VIDEO)

Отец увидел нечто на экране видеоняни и с криками ужаса бросился в детскую (ВИДЕО)

A spooky video appeared on the Internet. His footage can be see how the husband noticed on the screen of the camera that forced him to cry out in horror and run into the room where were his wife and his child.

The video appeared on the YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, writes the Daily Star.

The man saw that the couple behind, who was standing in the nursery at the crib of the baby, there was a terrible head. The Ghost flashed in the doorway of the bathroom. A frightened father, shouting rushed to his wife and child. But, examining the bathroom, he found nothing.

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Users in the comments decided that it was indeed an eerie sight, and sealed the creature looked like a man.

“Wow! This is really freaky”, “It’s not like the man. His demonic face. Crazy and at the same time amazing,” “That’s creepy. I’d moved out after this,” write the surprised users.

We will remind, after development of the picture with a photo of his niece a resident of the United States was horrified – for the child she saw the monster.

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