The expert of the disputed 11 billion cubic meters of gas: millions in court from the state budget will be spent, but the result will be

Эксперт о спорных 11 миллиардах кубометров газа: миллионы на суд из госбюджета потратят, но результата не будет

The litigation of the GPU and the claim to annul the contract from 2009 on the purchase of “Gazprom” “Naftogaz” 11 billion cubic meters of gas from RosUkrEnergo, in fact, lead to nothing. But the money from the budget for lawyers will be spent.

This opinion in comments, ГолосUA expressed Director of the Institute of energy research Dmitry Marunych.

“I think that there is no actual result cannot be, in principle, a gas (11 billion cubic meters) no longer will be, it has long been used. In the gas storage you will not find it, and if Ukraine loses, it will be an enormous hole in our gas balance”, – said the expert.

D. marunich also noted that virtually no one will be able to return this gas to the prevailing party.

“Actually, if we lose, nothing will happen, just be as it is now. If Ukraine will win the court, the businessman D. Firtash, his company “RosUkrEnergo” will have to recover 11 billion cubic meters of gas, but this is unrealistic. Therefore, most likely, if Ukraine wins, no actual outcomes of these proceedings will not,” he says.

The expert said that the cost of lawyers in this process are paid from the state budget, and it is a large amount.

“Yes, lawyers are paid from the state budget, but how much do they spend on it, I don’t know. Know how much was spent on litigation “Ukraine against Kolomoisky” is the story of “Ukrtatnafta” – the tens of millions of dollars, and it was the proceedings, which in the end we lost. The justice Department sued, and Ukraine lost. I suppose that in the history of litigation for 11 billion cubic meters of gas will be comparable figures. And note, usually Attract foreign lawyers because they are more qualified and have experience of proceedings in courts of non-Ukrainian,” – said Dmitry Marunych.

Recall, the Kyiv appeal economic court has postponed to 19 February 2019 the appeal of the General Prosecutor’s office, which sought the invalidation of contracts dated 20 January 2009 on the purchase of “Gazprom” to “Naftogaz of Ukraine” belonged to RosUkrEnergo 11 billion cubic meters of natural gas for 1.7 billion dollars. On Tuesday, August 21, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the materials of the case, which was promulgated in the system of court decisions, the Prosecutor General’s office promptly filed an appeal against the decision of economic court of Kiev from 23 July 2015, however, consideration was repeatedly postponed.

Noted that another petition for transfer of proceedings 11 June 2018 made “Naftogaz of Ukraine” due to the fact that the decision of the Stockholm arbitration in the dispute with Gazprom appealed against the latter, thus sparing the “factual circumstances giving rise to the previous postponement of this case”.

As reported, the economic court of appeal also instructed the “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom” to provide the regulatory reasonable written explanation about the reasons for the conclusion in January 2009 of the disputed agreements of purchase and sale of gas.

In 2009, the company Dmitry Firtash, RosUkrEnergo was an intermediary in supplies of Russian gas to Ukraine.

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