The expert of dismissal is Sold: the former head of the state to protect itself from persecution GPU

Эксперт об увольнении Продана: экс-глава ГФС защитил себя от преследований ГПУ

The former head of Gospitalniy service of Ukraine (SFSU) Miroslav Sold, removing from the work of the head of the Odessa customs in connection with the theft of 37 containers protect themselves in case of harassment by authorities after the dismissal of the SFSU.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political scientist Oleg Saakyan.

In his opinion, M. Prodan, triggering the resignation of the head of the Odessa customs, and when leaving office Gospitalniy service, took a few proactive measures that will not allow the current government to pressure him or chase in the future.

“This is purely a diversion from the negative Prodan, use the situation as a technology in order to protect themselves from future prosecution by the authorities,” he says.

According to A. Sahakyan, M. Sold not accidentally used this procedure: first, the removal of the head of customs,and then their own retirement.

“Leaving so Sold actually puts himself in the position of the zealot who started the investigation and it was forced to leave. All claims of power to be sold now may be perceived as persecution as revenge. Accordingly, this course Sold out did their opponents obviously toxic, but protect themselves”, – says the analyst.

Recall, September 5, 2018 M. Prodan announced his resignation as head of the SFSU.

In August 2018, the acting head of the State fiscal service Miroslav Prodan dismissed the chief of the Odessa customs Alexander Vlasov. About it reports “Interfax-Ukraine”. On 21 August, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko reported the theft of 37 containers belonging to the firm, which is in the orbit of “known smuggling group Serdyuk-Amineva”. 22 Aug Sold ordered to make office investigation on this fact and asked that criminal proceedings were transferred to the NAB.

“For impartiality of action for the period of the investigation, to dismiss the head of the Odessa customs from performing his duties. I have every reason to say about his involvement in this crime employees of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. I have to apply to the NEB for a fair investigation,” – said Prodan.

Prodan confirmed that during the investigation employees of GFS established involvement in the theft of containers of the group Amineva-Serdyuk.

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