The expert gave advice on how to prevent the development of varicose veins in the cold

Эксперт дал советы, как не допустить развития варикоза в холода

Cold weather increases the risk of exacerbation of vascular disease and cause their rapid development.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

To avoid worsening vascular problems in the cold will help improve blood circulation. In particular, to improve circulation in the legs, to avoid the feeling of heaviness and swelling, experts recommend to regularly exercise. If time or finances do not allow you to purchase a subscription to the pool or the gym, should be done at least daily exercises in the morning and walk briskly in the evening for at least 30 minutes. Walking tones and strengthens blood vessels.

“For the health and elasticity of the vascular system is very important daily diet. In particular, for good circulation in the legs especially important some vitamins. First and foremost, it’s vitamin D that strengthens bones and improves muscle condition, helping to withstand the load favorably influences the vascular system as a whole. Huge amounts of vitamin D includes cod liver oil, also to fill it can be due to a shortage of herring, tuna, mackerel, cottage cheese and cheese.

Not less important is vitamin E, which has beneficial effects on blood clotting, preventing the formation of blood clots. Not to test his short daily include in your diet vegetable oils, nuts, spinach.

And, of course, vitamin C which reduces blood clotting, preventing its threat of condensation, and improves the condition of blood vessels. This vitamin is contained in all citrus fruits and berries, kiwi, rose hips and especially a lot of it in sauerkraut” – said the doctor.

If legs constantly ache and swell, the specialist recommends the purchase of compression stockings. To put it need at reinforced load – while charging, walking, and also during air travel and trips on the train, or when a long time is in the same position.

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