The expert gave advice on how to effectively strengthen the immune system during flu

Эксперт дал советы, как эффективно укрепить иммунитет в период гриппа 

Flu epidemic in Ukraine yet, but the number of cases is growing, and it is time to take action to protect yourself and your family from viruses.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

Doctors agree that is to drink a course of multivitamins in a time of rampant seasonal ailments will not be superfluous, but even better if you can organize your diet so as to obtain all the necessary along with food. First of all, add in the diet as many fruits, vegetables, greens and nuts. Try to eat less fatty red meat and more white “diet” fillet, fish of different varieties and seafood.

“Despite the fact that it’s cold, make it a habit to walk at least half an hour in the fresh air. No time for a walk? Go two stops early and walk home on foot. Walks in the fresh air well strengthen the immune system and help maintain muscle tone. Drink plenty of fluids – pure non-carbonated water, green or herbal teas – this will help the body will free itself of toxins and harmful substances that can pass.

Start the morning with physical exercises at least 15 minutes make sure to stretch your major muscle groups,” – said the doctor.

It is equally important to adhere to proper and sleep enough number of hours. If you have trouble sleeping or can not sleep – drink soothing herbal teas. Excellent relaxing herbal teas mint and lemon balm, chamomile, St. John’s wort.

“A great way to spur the immunity and cause the body to produce hormones, the so-called heat shock is a douche. Just after the evening taking a shower, is short (10 seconds would be enough, but better to start with 5) rinse the body with cool water, every day slightly reducing the temperature until the water gets cold. Just do not overdo it! It is not necessary to start with cold water, initially the contrast to be barely noticeable,” – said the expert.

Experts say that after a cold shower, the brain then instructs the body to produce hormones heat shock, they in turn provoke the production of protective cells of the body.

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