The ex-colleague “Putin’s cook” talked about “the Troll factory” and provocations against media – news ZIK.UA

Andrei Mikhailov, a former associate of businessman Eugene Prigogine, who is known as “Putin’s cook”, told about the creation of a “Troll factory” and provocation against competitors Prigogine and journalists.

Mihajlov in interview to the edition “the New newspaper” has explained that he decided to talk to the media to not telesillas unpunished his “trip to the forest” – according to him, in 2017, he was kidnapped and beaten by people related to Prigogine, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

Екс-соратник «кухаря Путіна» розповів про «фабрику тролів» та провокації проти ЗМІ – новини ZIK.UA
Andrey Mikhailov

As the newspaper notes, Mikhailov was one of the originators of media Empire “Putin’s cook”.

A former colleague of Prigogine said that he began to work for him in 2012 – a friend brought him to the head of the security service of the businessman Evgeny Gulyaev, which it was necessary to organize a provocation against the rival of his boss.

After some time, Mikhailov proposed to work on development projects related to media, and then was introduced to Prigogine.

“Eugene was very happy, immediately gave cash money from the safe into four Newspapers and a half million rubles”, – says Mikhailov.

According to him, Prigogine met him a few times when it paid bonuses, including “good work”.

As follows from the interviews, a considerable part of high-profile actions of employees Prigogine organized according to his personal requirement.

Mikhailov recalled that his first action was staged poisoning at the reception in Saint-Petersburg in 2012.

With the help of the staging planned to ruin the reputation of the company “Caramel catering”, competitor “Concord catering” Prigogine, and rip her a contract to service major events.

The ex-colleague “Putin’s cook” said that, in his opinion, the cause was “images of a purely personal nature”.

Mikhailov and his friend Sergei Solovyov, who later participated in several of these actions, organized a round table with participation of businessmen, it served a “Caramel catering”. Several front participants simulated poisoning, later information about it sent out to the media.

As stated in an interview, Mikhailov participated in the launch of the Prigogine projects related to provocations in the media. He, in particular, organized action, after which controlled by “Putin’s cook” publication wrote about the corruption of journalists.

“The point was what? It was necessary that the media printed false information and taking money in cash. They did it,” explained a former employee of a media Empire Prigogine.

With the participation of Sergei Solovyov, he organized, in particular, provocations against the poet and writer Dmitry Bykov and Forbes magazine.

Mikhailov also remembered the provocation against the information Agency “RIA Novosti”.

He said that in 2013, the Chairman of the security service Prigogine Gulyaev instructed to place the fake news on the website “RIA Novosti”. Mikhailov believes that it planned to removed from the position of editor-in-chief Svetlana Mironyuk.

In an interview does not indicate why it was necessary Prigogine. Mironyuk was fired at the end of 2013.

People Mikhailov allegedly failed to contact the Agency to publish at least three fictional news and furnish it like they did it for money.

“Then a written certificate of the work done, made videos about the corrupt “RIA Novosti”, was given all this Gulyaev, Gulyaev passed Prigogine.

As used Prigogine, I do not know, in these kind of video would not appear. But Mironyuk was removed from office in December 2013, so the job was done,” – said Mikhailov.

In his opinion, the creation of a “Troll factory”, which in the United States in 2018, accused of meddling in elections was the idea of “directly Prigogine Evgeny Viktorovich”.

“Never from any “towers” teams, everything went directly from Prigogine,” said he.

For monitoring social networks, allegedly used the products of the company Igor Ashmanov – Mikhailov argues that Prigogine organized a meeting with him.

In addition, Mikhailov told about provocations in hospitals and clinics Samara (Russia). He organized provocations to help Prigogine to contracts for the supply of food.

Several institutions have launched cockroaches, purchased in St. Petersburg, on the streets rallies with complaints of poor sanitation and poor nutrition.

“I understand that movies are about the action taken to Prigogine took someone a person need to get contracts. The rollers were not made for a wider view, but in the local news that slipped,” says Mikhailov.

A former ally “Putin’s cook” remembered and other actions organized by people close to Prigogine, including staging an accident with the participation of the owner of clinic “Denta-L” Elena Cherevko (it was a fight for the real estate Prigogine) and beating blogger in Sochi.

“Novaya Gazeta” writes that the words of Mikhailov confirmed as data from public sources and provided them with materials.

As reported, the Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is called “Putin’s cook”, allegedly hired people who organized the murder of one of leaders of militants in the occupied Lugansk.

Evgeny Prigozhin, a famous Russian businessman close to President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Prigogine is associated with the organization and financing of the so-called “factory of Internet trolls” and “private military company Wagner.” Mercenaries “PMC Wagner” recorded in Ukraine, Syria and other countries.

In October, the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko said that the attack on him involved in special services of Russia and the Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin.

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