The equator of the show “dancing with the stars”: sensuality and drama rooms the most beautiful pair of Marchenko — Chaplin struck spectators

Экватор шоу «Танцы со звездами»: чувственность и драматичность номера самой красивой пары Марченко — Чаплин поразила зрителей

Sunday “dancing with the stars” again gathered at the screens of millions of viewers. The dance show has come to its equator — half way already behind us, only strong parties, so each release becomes more and more interesting. Seventh live pleased in the audience and TV viewers with bright new productions and gave many positive emotions.

“This broadcast called “Night of legends” will reveal the secret of those who believe their idols star couple on the floor. And Dima is no exception. Who do you think for us it is such a legendary figure?” intrigued on the eve of their fans post in Instagram a favorite of Ukrainians and one of the most beautiful member in the history of this show Oksana Marchenko.

Экватор шоу «Танцы со звездами»: чувственность и драматичность номера самой красивой пары Марченко — Чаплин поразила зрителей

And Internet users reacted almost instantly and covered her with compliments: “Oksana, you are a legend! The combination of external and internal beauty, your manners, your thanks is all legendary,” “Our Monica Bellucci! Smart, beautiful!”, “Fingers crossed! Waiting for a new dance, new faces, performance, Oksana!!!”

The evening performance of Oksana Marchenko and Dmitry Chaplin blew up the hall. They dedicated contemporary Irina Bilyk, the Ukrainian legend of the scene. Sensual, deep, dramatic — this room was not just a dance but a real dramatic statement about human relationships. Delicately honed skills, confident movement, harmony partners — the dance of this couple from room to room becoming more professional.

By the way, a couple Marchenko — Chaplin supported and Irina Bilyk. “Oksanochka, we are really rooting for your pair. And I, and all my fans vote for you,” said the singer.

Praised the performance of the contestants and judges of the project. “Oksana, I have just one question: why you had not shown us the contemp on parquet? — Dima asked Monatic. — Cool that you decided to dance this style because it is so your so your emotion, so your atmosphere. Who would have thought — contempo, a really difficult dance, you played good.”

“I appreciate a portion that you did. It is evident that considerable work was carried out, and this impressed me much more than any of your supports, which we have already seen a lot… I Want Oksana to get you turned yourself inside out, and we saw you more real to see your depth… I Want to rostinawati you even more”, — has expressed the wish Vlad Yama.

“The most beautiful couple of our project! — could not resist the compliment Catherine Kuchar. — Oksana, I’m really sorry that you are a victim of haters… You looked quite steadily and organically in the party, but I’d like a little madness.”

Paradoxically: although judges did not skimp on the praise, evaluate this couple they have traditionally exhibited low, causing the dissatisfaction of the audience. This gives grounds to say that a couple Marchenko — Chaplin again sue.

By the way, the remark of Catherine Kuhar about the attacks of enemies on a star TV presenter Oksana Marchenko was not accidental. The closer to the end of the project, the fiercer struggle for the victory in it. And, alas, she is not always honest methods. However, the favorite of millions had the wisdom and courage with honour to accept this challenge and not to succumb to provocation.

My opinion on the matter expressed and the channel “1+1”. “In the past, live @oksana.marchenko.official again received the lowest scores from the judges and she was saved by the audience! the statement of the TV channel. — The network broke a real scandal. Some are outraged, like Oksana bought his victory in the show! But this is impossible, because the format and its details are checked by the head office in London“.

Viewer votes a couple Marchenko — Chaplin. Honestly and transparently. And the statement of the channel confirms this. This is the answer to all those who tried to arrange provocations, the allegations of fraud and deceit. This is the answer to all those who shouted about the purchased votes.

Even invariable host of “Dancing with the stars” Yuriy Gorbunov, declaring this time out on the floor a pair of Oksana Marchenko and Dmitry Chaplin, addressing the audience, acknowledged: “You so actively vote for it, that such activity is possible to wish all our couples.”

And independent studies of the preferences of the TV audience show: the lion’s share of viewers most expected performances of a pair of Oksana Marchenko and Dmitry Chaplin. During their activity of watching “Dancing with the stars” grows, viewers are switching from other channels to “1+1”, and the popularity of the dance shows in these moments reaches the highest. That is why the experts are sure that the ratings of “Dancing with the stars” going through the roof largely due to participation in this show Oksana Marchenko. Just a couple Marchenko — Chaplin remains the only, which all six esters (data for the seventh ether has not yet made public) remains in the top 3 of TV. Ukrainians.

“You umnichka! Sooooo much, the best dance! Keep it up!”, “Oksana dance! You are very cool and very beautiful!”, “Oksana, Bravo! Dancing, figure, youth and beauty will win one and all! You — a magical and unique!”, “For your sake, I watched “X-factor” and for you I watch the show. The rating of the transfer make you and Dmitry” — such posts filled page Oksana Marchenko in Instagram after the seventh broadcast of “Dancing with the stars.”

Their voices Ukrainians once again have supported their favourite lead and brought it to the next round of the dance competition. So Oksana, as promised, will continue to surprise their fans, to give positive emotions and win the hearts of Ukrainians.

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