The economist: While Poroshenko – President, its revenues are growing, but if he loses the election, you will lose everything

Экономист: Пока Порошенко – Президент, его доходы растут, но если он проиграет выборы, то потеряет всё

Campaign strategy Poroshenko is to fight to the last, because only in the power it can save your income, because if he’s the President will not, you will lose everything.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko.

“Now profit Poroshenko officially grows at the expense of dividends. And he is quite entitled to it. Moreover, the amount of these revenues is enormous. Of course, he explains that any trust so well managed that it richer. But, most likely, Poroshenko earned in a year is not nearly half a billion hryvnia, as specified in the Declaration, and more than a billion dollars”, – said the economist.

A. Okhrimenko added that today the President of the business is growing because of its position – this is no secret. The official statistics proves that his income, which he declares is dividends.

“It is because in a poor country, it is richer and therefore he will lay down the bones to retain power. When he loses the presidency, he will lose everything,” said the expert.

Therefore, according to the analyst, this is the campaign strategy of the President, is to fight to the last for their income.

“Because if he did not become President a second time, then he will not only take all, but will remember and will lead to criminal cases. And if he does not manage to escape, then Poroshenko in the future in Ukraine”, – summed up Alexander Okhrimenko.

Recall that according to the data in the Unified register of declarations of persons authorized to perform functions of the state, Poroshenko declared a further 1.4 million of interest income from investments in the International investment Bank (IIB).

In particular, on 12 September the President declared a significant change in the property as at 1 359 658: 620 238 UAH, 330 793 hryvnia, 194 584 hryvnias, UAH 751 116 and 97 292 hryvnias interest income IIB.

With the beginning of the year interest income Poroshenko in the Bank amounted to about 9.7 million.

From January the head of state declared also to 66.5 mln hryvnia in dividends from public joint stock company “Closed non-diversified corporate investment Fund “Prime essets Kepital” and 0,8 million UAH of income from the sale of real estate.

Thus, the total declared by the head of the state revenue for the current year as of Thursday is about 77 million UAH, which is almost 5 times higher than for the whole of 2017, when its revenues amounted to 16.3 million.

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