The economist has called the timing of the receipt by Ukraine of the next tranche from the IMF

Экономист назвал сроки получения Украиной следующего транша от МВФ

If Ukraine wants to secure the necessary financial resources and not to suffer complete financial collapse until March of next year, because that’s what is so may be sufficient net international reserves, it needs to look for funding.

This commentary, ГолосUA reported by the economist, Executive Director of the International Fund blazer Oleg Ustenko.

“Sources for Ukraine now, alas, not so much – he is one and now there is no alternative source of external funding besides the International monetary Fund. All other sources are blocked for as long as we do not rasplachivaetsya cooperation with the IMF. It would be ideal to inflows of foreign direct investment and not to borrow money from international financial institutions, and not to borrow, not one,” – said the expert.

According to him, for this it was necessary to work actively over the quality of the investment climate in the country, not this or last year, and starting from 2014-year, and the more, the better.

“As a result, in fact, we will receive this year’s $ 2.5 billion of foreign direct investment an absolute necessity in a panic looking for somewhere funding. Therefore, all attempts to blame the government is wrong, because the blame for everything all the power and, above all, the deputies, who gladly takes the arrows, as well as the administration of the President on the Prime Minister,” – said O. Ustenko.

As the economist said, in fact, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman no more guilty than the rest. So, the question is, when you are in a panic looking for funding, you fulfill all the promises that took you, your country, and the proposals which she had assumed was the reduction of tariffs to the import parity.

“We get funding this year, because otherwise I can’t imagine how we will be able to hold on to parliamentary elections. I also think that the chances of the next tranche is close to zero, but now we get”, – concluded Oleg Ustenko.

It is worth mentioning that the national Bank of Ukraine is optimistic about the continued cooperation with the International monetary Fund.

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