The economist about the deterioration of the forecast of the IMF: the Fund does not consider the economy of Ukraine as something unique

Экономист об ухудшении прогноза МВФ: фонд же не рассматривает экономику Украины как нечто уникальное

The IMF is now doing certain calculations in order to understand how then Ukraine will implement the conditions for obtaining the next tranche.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said the President of the Center crisis research Jaroslav Zhalilo.

“Actually, it (the IMF lowered the GDP forecast for the year 2019 – approx. Ed.) should be considered in the overall context of how they changed the projections for other major countries. The IMF also does not consider the Ukrainian economy as something unique. They use standard forecasting tools,” said the economist.

According to J. Zhalilo, in the early years they had a higher Outlook on the world, in the middle of the year they decreased.

“Accordingly, Ukraine in this context could fall symmetrically. Second, if it is a separate calculation for Ukraine, then you need to watch how it all happens in the context of a decision on the tranche. Maybe they are doing some calculations (to understand – Ed.) then will be realized the conditions of its reception” – he said.

Recall, the international monetary Fund in its October report the global economy (World Economic Outlook, WEO) downgraded its estimate of growth of Ukraine’s GDP in 2019, up 2.7% from 3.3% projected in April.

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