The Earth is approaching a powerful magnetic storm – news ZIK.UA

На Землю насувається потужна магнітна буря – новини ZIK.UA

National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA) warned of the beginning of geomagnetic storms force G2.

This is reported Contracts with a link to ScienceAlert.

According to NOAA, the storm will begin on September 11 – as a result of education on the Sun coronal holes. Now coming to the end of the 11-year activity period of the star, which is usually accompanied by the appearance of coronal holes.

As a rule, the magnetic field lines of the Sun closed: this prevents spontaneous ejection of plasma into space, but sometimes they are open, through which plasma is released. Today must be one of these episodes.

The plasma that erupted from the Sun, called solar wind. According to the British meteorological office (Met Office), the wind speed will reach 500 kilometers per second. Its collision with the magnetosphere of the Earth will cause a geomagnetic storm.

In November 1999, the National oceanic and atmospheric administration introduced a classification of the intensity of geomagnetic storms. They have introduced five categories G-index, where G1 is the weakest and G5 the strongest.

The intensity of the current storm was estimated at G2. Despite the relative weakness of the storm, a technique that is at high latitudes, can feel the surges.

Failures are also possible and the spacecraft, as the storm slows down the GPS system. The most noticeable effect of storms and the Aurora.

The solar wind interacts with the protons and electrons in the magnetosphere, which are travelling along the magnetic field lines excite atoms of oxygen and nitrogen, which is why there is a visible radiance.

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