The drone is designed to deliver coffee cups

Разработан дрон для доставки кофе в стаканчиках

If by 2018 the patents for the development of drones for various purposes was at Amazon, recently this niche in the market decided to take a IBM company, patented a drone to deliver coffee cups.

This was reported on the website of the company.

Drone can work as a deliveryman, reacting to gestures of people, or to recognize people who need coffee, according to the testimony of their fitness trackers or other data sources.

In the last few years many companies have begun testing or a full-fledged deployment of delivery drones. Typically, they are used in remote areas with poor infrastructure or in cities for delivery directly to the customer. Shipping directly to the person is for engineers problem for several reasons. For example, the rapidly spinning blades of the drone can cause a person injury.

Engineers from IBM chose in their system one popular solution to this problem — they suggested not to lower the drone to the ground, and to transmit the load on the rope. Received IBM patent as a load is applied to the glass of coffee that is not directly attached to the cable, and is in a soft protective container.

The authors of the patent suggested several types of drone. In one of them he flies over a group of people waiting for a gesture from one of them. After that, the camera or other sensor drone recognizes the gesture, the drone flies to the man and passes him a glass.

In addition, the authors offer to teach a drone to determine the condition of the person in which he may need coffee as a stimulating drink. Among the signs of this condition the authors propose to use physiological parameters, for example, data on blood pressure obtained with a fitness tracker, as well as indirect data such as the duration of the last sleep or schedule appointments in the calendar.

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