The draft budget for 2019: the growth of the minimal salary will not cover the inflation – expert

Проект бюджета на 2019 год: рост минималки не перекроет инфляцию – эксперт

The draft budget for the year 2019, it is planned to increase the minimum wage to 4175 hryvnia per month, but this growth is unlikely to offset the loss in the consumer basket due to inflation processes in the country.

This commentary, ГолосUA said the expert on international Affairs Andrew Buzarov.

“The draft budget-2019 provides for a further increase in the minimum wage in the country. According to the submitted budget, the minimum wage in the country is expected to grow to 4175 hryvnia per month. In my opinion, it’s still a low minimum salary, and this growth is unlikely to offset the loss in the consumer basket due to inflation processes in the country. An important indicator is the dollar, which is laid at the level of 30.5 USD, it is not a very strong fall of the hryvnia against the dollar. It would be nice if this figure will be able to perform”, – said A. Buzarov.

In addition, the expert noted that the subject of budget planning ahead of the elections is always very lively debate, both in opposition and in Pro-government circles.

“The budget is one of the key public documents about this key policy and political forces will be a lot to talk and argue. All of this will begin next week. Pro-government political forces, in particular the block of the President Poroshenko BPP “Solidarity” will highlight all the positive changes in the budget – the increase in the minimum wage, increase funding for individual industries, and so on. Opposition forces, in particular “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko, “the Opposition bloc” Yuriy Boyko and others are likely to find all sorts of flaws in the budget, emphasizing its inefficiency. In any case, the budget submitted to Parliament, and it prompted a lot of edits and changes” – summed A. Buzarov.

Recall that on 14 September 2018, at an extraordinary meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the draft budget for 2019 and referred it for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada. Recall that in 2017 the government for the first time in the history of independence provided the constitutional submission of the budget to the VR till September 15.

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