The draft budget 2019: the Government has decided to save on pensioners 12 billion

Проект бюджета-2019: Правительство решило сэкономить на пенсионерах 12 миллиардов гривен

Antisocialist of the draft state budget for 2019 is obvious, and it has worsened in comparison with macro-indicators of the last budget.

Such opinion during the press-conference in information Agency “ГолосUA” said the economist Viktor Skarshevsky.

According to the economist, the know-how of the draft budget for 2019 is that in 2019, the indexing of pensions will not be carried out from 1 January and 1 March.

V. Skarshevsky added that the government has decided to save on pensioners. Pensions will be indexed from 1 March, not 1 January, so the government will save 12 billion just for the pensioners.

“The draft budget 2019 more old than new. This is the third budget of Mr. Groisman. The last three of the draft budget of his government – the three twin-brother. Every year planned to increase GDP by 3%, inflation – 7% to 8% every year unfunded expenditure part of the budget”, – said the economist.

According to Viktor Skarshevsky, antisocialist of this budget is obvious, and it is even worse. In the draft budget for 2019 is provided to increase the cost of the power unit, reducing social costs and increasing public debt.

Recall that on 14 September 2018, at an extraordinary meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the draft budget for 2019 and referred it for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada. Recall that in 2017 the government for the first time in the history of independence provided the constitutional submission of the budget to the VR till September 15.


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