The dollar will be banned in Belarus

Доллар будет запрещен к использованию в Белоруссии

The government and the national Bank of Belarus has banned the use of foreign currency, the dollar, in the payments on the territory of the Republic.

About it reports a press-service of the Belarusian government, reports UBR.

In accordance with the published anti-inflation program, these measures will be implemented in 2018-2020, with the goal of reducing inflation expectations.

In addition, for the same purpose, decisions of the national Bank and other government agencies for the exclusion of use pricing, tariffs, rates and other charges to foreign currency.

The head of the National Bank of Belarus Pavel Kallaur underlined the need for radical measures to de-dollarize the economy, including the nomination of all contracts in Belarusian rubles, and the exclusion of foreign currency from the internal calculations.

We remind that the Belarusian government refused to loan programs of the International monetary Fund. The IMF program could have “a shock to the public”. This in turn is due to the fact that the IMF insisted on the implementation of the reform program in a more compressed period than previously agreed by the government.

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