The doctor told who are the most useful vacation in the velvet season

Врач рассказал, кому наиболее полезен отдых в бархатный сезон

In a number of diseases to relax by the sea in hot weather is contraindicated, and to go to the resort and sit in the room as a shame, because the experts recommend to have a holiday in the autumn season.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

In hot weather, you long to relax on the beach, doctors recommend that even healthy people and people with diseases of heart and vessels, brain, respiratory tract and skin are generally contraindicated in this relaxation.

“The velvet season many advantages, even for people who do not have pronounced health problems. The first thing that comes to mind – in early September, the people becoming smaller and the prices in resort towns are reduced. From a medical point of view, the sun in early September is much better and easier perceived by the body. The air of the resort is cleaner, because in addition to a fresh breeze, lying on a crowded beach, resting in a literal sense have to breathe each other’s scents, their food, cosmetics, and even bacteria,” says the doctor.

In early September, it’s time to “warm up” in the sun painful joints and bones, to treat respiratory tract. Of course, if the sun is shining, bask under the sun better in the shade, and be sure to take a break from 11 am to 4 PM.

In the autumn season many restrictions on sun exposure are removed. In early autumn it is recommended to go to the sea even children with allergies and asthma. Locomotor apparatus and respiratory system to recover at the seaside in late August, and solving problems with the kidneys and skin will contribute to vacation near the most salty “areas” of the seas, and best of all near the Dead sea in September.

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