The doctor told me why not to buy cut melons

Врач рассказал, почему нельзя покупать разрезанные арбузы и дыни 

Melons, especially watermelons and to a lesser extent melons accumulate the various nitrates contained in the soil and used to fertilize the soil and accelerate ripening. But even more dangerous to buy melons, cut in half, as are often sold in stands and supermarkets.

The correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

Early melons due to its high content of chemicals can cause severe poisoning. Therefore the experts recommend to wait at least 20-the twentieth of August to buy them. But even more dangerous – cut watermelons. For example, when large fruits before sale is cut into 2 parts and sell them for half of the careless citizens.

According to experts, in the watermelon, especially on the slices and the pulp can develop dangerous germs and for this reason it is strongly recommended not to buy watermelons with a damaged rind, slightly beaten, which usually sell with a markdown, which is what attracts buyers.

“Actually, it is – saving family health and your own. Because, most likely, germs and harmful bacteria got into the fruit and began to multiply – and this is no less dangerous than the nitrates.

I note that many poisonings occur as a result of buying sliced watermelons and cantaloupes, Packed in plastic wrap. Before cutting them often don’t wash all the bacteria that formed on the surface due to the fact that the watermelon was lying on a dusty street or even on the floor, or growing in fertilized soil chemicals go to the flesh” – warned the doctor.

The doctor also noted that it is impossible to be 100% sure that the sellers cut the berries with a clean knife and on a sterile surface. And covering the cut with plastic wrap, the sellers, though, and protect them from dust, but actually create bacteria the ideal conditions for rapid spread.

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