The doctor told me about the terrible danger of antipyretics powders

Врач рассказал о страшной опасности жаропонижающих порошков

Antipyretics quick action, the most popular and W which are soluble powders, causing a huge blow to the internal body and can trigger the development of a number of ailments.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

Temperature rise – a sure sign that the protective cells of the body joined the fight against viruses, which he entered. Because in the first days of the flu in any case can not bring the temperature down, because you just interfere with the immune system to fight the disease.
“Experts agree that taking an antipyretic need only when the temperature is suitable and 38.5. And then, to knock it completely not worth it stay on a 37.5. But keep in mind that drinking these drugs is possible only if you are at home and not going to go anywhere – but then, where better drink broth hips, with a spoonful of cranberry or raspberry jam and lie down for a few hours sleep.

In any case don’t let powder fever children is a pretty powerful and dangerous, to the same toxic agent. Even adults should remember that these hot drinks have a negative impact on kidney and pancreas thrown in the liver, and in children can cause even more complications,” warns the doctor.

Specialist recommends that you do not bring the temperature down in the first 3 days of the onset of symptoms, and to spend that time in bed, resting and not overloading the body. During this period, it is recommended to drink plenty of warm mineral water, with a few slices of lemon and warm fruit tea and herbal teas herbs and berries.

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