The doctor told me about the dangers of night work

Врач рассказал об опасностях работы в ночное время

Employees of night shifts risk not only to provoke and accelerate the development of a number of chronic diseases, but also much more likely to receive “working” the injury and get into an accident.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

“According to the biorhythms of our body, night is for sleep, so no wonder that on night shifts at work or if you are trying to accomplish a day’s work in the late evening or night, you are more dispersed and allow for more mistakes. This is especially dangerous when working with different machinery and mechanisms, as in the night time, the number of injuries is increasing dramatically. And all because the body at this time should perform quite different functions – rest, “reboot” and get healthier. The most dangerous time is from 22 PM to 4 am. At this time, all reactions are inhibited.

Because, as corny as it sounds, the night is for sleeping. And not only that it comes to avoid accidents and low mood the next day, and also because while we rest, the cells of our body is refreshed, rejuvenated. In the first half of the night, for example, allocates the maximum quantity of growth hormone, which occurs due to cellular reproduction and growth. At the same time starts the process of cleansing the tissues of the body,” – said the expert.

The deepest sleep occurs between 3 to 4 hours. At this time we have the lowest body temperature and cortisol levels. At this time, after a long restoration work other systems of the body rests and finally the brain itself. If you often Wake up at this time – a sure sign of a failure of the nervous system, it is necessary to think about your lifestyle to try to reduce daily stresses or, at least, to change their attitude to everyday life, advises the specialist.

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