The doctor told how to provide first aid for a wasp sting or bee

Врач рассказал, как оказать первую помощь при укусе осы или пчелы

The bite of a bee or bumblebee as soon as possible to get rid of the stinger and treat the affected area of the skin.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

After wasp sting many people are looking at the affected area its sting, but it is completely pointless, as the wasp, unlike the bee, its leaves and can be used many times, unlike bees, their stinger is necessary to detect and remove with clean tweezers, it is preferably disinfected it.

“It is important not to bring in a wound infection, because to grab the stinger with bare hands is impossible – no matter how carefully you wash them before doing this, there will still be enough bacteria. Better wipe pincetich alcohol or if not available, alcohol or Cologne, and gently pull. Next, be sure to disinfect the wound to prevent the development of infection.
For disinfection suitable for such funds, like iodine, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol moods (calendula, for example)this can be Done using: peroxide, ammonia, diluted with water, iodine, alcohol, corticosteroid ointment – for wounds, ordinary rubbing alcohol is the tool, for example tweezers. Try to squeeze the poison is not necessary, since, first, you still can’t get rid of it completely without special tools and can only help it to spread more second, so the wound could get an infection other than just to aggravate the situation,” – said the doctor.

When a standard toxic reactions after insect bites it is recommended to drink ordinary water, slightly sweetened water, lemon, hot sweet tea. To slow the absorption of the poison in place of the swelling is to put a bag of ice or a wet towel.
You can also wet a lightweight natural fabric with a solution of baking soda with water and leave for about 20-25 minutes. To draw out the poison from the wound can be applied to bite a piece of moistened sugar, and to prevent the allergic reaction will help the antihistamines.

In order to prevent a sharp decline in blood pressure, which often happens as a result of the stings of bees or wasps, the victim can be given 20-25 drops of kordiamin. It is important to remember that if the insect has bitten on the throat or neck, or at the first sign of anaphylactic shock, should immediately call an ambulance.

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