The doctor recommended not to go on a diet in early autumn

Врач порекомендовала не садиться на диету в начале осени

Experiments with food and severe restrictions in the diet can trigger the development of autumn melancholy and a constant feeling of fatigue, irritability and apathy.

The correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

According to nutritionists, early autumn is absolutely the wrong time for diets and different dietary restrictions. Besides, since the beach season is behind us, everyone can afford to eat an extra slice of brioche, or chocolate.

“I would not recommend to go on a diet, at least until mid-autumn. Give the body a normal rebuild and the maximum it will support. First of all, natural vitamins, and, of course, Goodies like chocolate, which is known to be uplifting! Sweet stimulates the brain, triggers the production of so-called “hormones” happiness (especially when talking about chocolate). These hormones stimulate and bananas. But do not forget that there was a need for a measure and then up you can ruin the extra inches on the waistline,” jokes the doctor.

Improve your mood a variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition, because they contained vitamins and minerals, they provide additional protection of the body before the flu season.

“All the fruits bright colors in their permanent consumption positively affect the endocrine system, causing it begins to produce the “correct” hormones, which actively resist the fatigue and melancholy. I recommend to eat at least 3-4 fruits daily and at least 250 grams of vegetables, it is desirable that the fruit was different saturated colors,” says the specialist.

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