The doctor opened the secret of how to start the morning in a good mood

Врач открыл секрет, как начать утро в хорошем настроении  

To help your body work better together and faster to move away from a night’s rest, kinesitherapeute recommend every morning to perform “exercise for the lazy”.

This advice the correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor gave Victoria Savitskaya.

Just a few simple gestures immediately after waking up, helps a day to feel fresher. Moreover, it is not necessary to get out of bed.

Sit back in a warm bed and slowly pull the feet as far forward as you can. Now pull them to yourself. Repeat 10 times.

Then slowly roll the feet in different directions to ensure good blood flow and lightness in the legs for the whole day. Do this exercise at least 20-25 seconds, it is better – longer.

Next, bend both knees and alternately fold them down slowly and smoothly. Perform 15 lifts on each leg, better – more.

“It’s a beautiful complex, which does not require much force and effort, because it can be carried through even half asleep. But the use of such “charging” huge – first, you will accelerate blood circulation and will help the body faster to Wake up, and this in turn will have a positive impact on your mood and health. Secondly, it is an excellent prevention of various diseases of the joints (of course, in itself without the right diet and avoiding harmful habits, the effect will be minimal) and warm up for the muscles,” says the doctor.

It is also worth to add that experts recommend that immediately after waking up drink a glass of warm pure water with a few lemon wedges. This drink is “spur” immunity triggers the digestion and accelerate the metabolism.

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