The dietician told what vitamins are important for the prevention of influenza in a child

Диетолог рассказал, какие витамины важны для профилактики гриппа у ребенка

In the season of colds and flu, it is important that children receive adequate and balanced diet, rich in proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the dietician Lyudmila Babich

Balanced diet during epidemics is especially important, – says nutritionist . Is the key to strong immunity and vitality. This is especially true of children, because their immune system is still weak, and viruses in schools, clubs and children’s events simply distributed with great speed.

“All parents know that for the prevention of influenza and SARS important vitamin C. But I would not recommend to buy vitamins at the pharmacy, as well as to overfeed the baby with vitamins and tangerines to their official season. Much better brew fruit drinks or drinks made of frozen or candied berries, black or red currants, cranberries, blackberries and lemon or hips. They are rich in trace elements and many vitamins, especially vitamin C,” he advised.

No less important b-vitamins , which contain seeds, bread from wheat flour, nuts, should also be included in the diet of schoolchildren buckwheat, legumes and low-fat cheeses.

“Antioxidants, they are the b vitamins E is found in nuts, fish, legumes, unrefined vegetable oil. Very important beta-carotene, so daily, in the diet of the child should be 3-4 vegetable or fruit red or yellow,” – said the expert.

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