The Deputy of subsidies in 2019: the government is trying to reduce the number of recipients of housing discounts

Депутат о субсидиях на 2019 год: власть пытается сократить число получателей жилищной скидки

Of funds in the budget too small, so the government is looking for all kinds of loopholes to not help people pay for utilities.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Taruta.

“Today the prerogative of the Ministry of social policy and objective as possible to give subsidies to people, because the money is not in the budget. So look for all kinds of loopholes in order not to help people…the Monetization of subsidies, that’s an old topic long ago, in 2015, the government has said and suggested, but, thank God, only now we get to monetization. Is this good or bad?”, the MP said.

According to S. Taruta, well, that give money and not doing the standings, to make people understand that the money is directly received.

“Do subsidies have? This is very bad. Why is it bad? Because the standard of living of our country brought to starvation and people today without subsidies can’t live. Therefore, I believe that Ukraine has great opportunities for development and do not interfere to make people prosperous, so they don’t need subsidies,” he said.

Recall that by the end of 2019, Ukraine should implement the monetization of subsidies.

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