The costs for sowing of winter crops increased to 35 billion hryvnia – Ministry of agrarian policy

Расходы на посевную озимых выросли до 35 миллиардов гривен – Минагрополитики

According to the Ministry of agrarian policy data, this year for carrying out sowing of winter crops for harvest in 2019, the forecasted demand for funds was $ 35,058 billion.

It is reported superagronom.

Major cost items:

Change and planting material – 8,20 billion UAH;

Fertilizer – 8, 46 UAH;

Lubricants to 5.51 UAH.

Meanwhile, the projected need for funds for spring field work this season was 116 240 000 000 UAH. Including:

Seeds and planting material – 18,01 UAH;

Fertilizer – 26,75 UAH;

Fuels and lubricants – 18,39 UAH.

We will remind, in the region of Georgia, where they grow fields of grapes, dropped large hail. The grape harvest was lost.

We are talking about villages in Akhmeta municipality of Kakheti region. The witnesses showed hailstones the size of chicken egg. These pieces of ice completely destroyed the grape harvest, fallen trees, damaged roads and power lines, leaving many residents remained without electricity.

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